The European Union supported educating students on environmental protection and proper waste management

Within the project “YOUth drive”, funded by the European Union, video education of primary and secondary school students from the West Herzegovina Canton was organized. This type of education covers all the most important topics about the importance and significance of environmental protection, and about proper waste management. Students are introduced to the most common omissions and mistakes in relation to the environment, but also to the opportunities and possibilities for its preservation and restoration.

A total of 4616 students from the West Herzegovina Canton are involved in education, and schools from this area will receive 320 bins for electronic waste and 8 containers, which will be placed in appropriate places. The project will also organize waste collection actions at identified illegal landfills in agreement with cities and municipalities, and a survey on the situation on the ground will be conducted, which will be a guideline for future activities.

The project “Y O U t h d r i ve” through its activities includes and animates a large number of young people who will play a key role in the future in terms of environmental protection. In cooperation with schools, the project will primarily affect the awareness of young people, who through their knowledge and action in the future, should influence and act on society’s awareness of the need to protect the environment. Also, the project will create a basis for improving and refining existing legislation in this area and will launch a web platform where various information about the project will be exchanged.

Raising environmental awareness and initiating concrete actions in the West Herzegovina and Bay of Kotor counties is carried out within the project “YOUth drive” through the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, funded by the European Union in the amount of over 230,000 euros. The project partners are non-governmental organizations, the Association for Development, Environment and Culture EKO ZH from Siroki Brijeg as the project holder, and Nasa akcija, based in Kotor.

The project started with the implementation of activities in November 2019, and will last until May 2021.