O.P.T.I.O.N. Project: Towards Professional Integration of Persons with Disabilities Through Cross-border Cooperation

On Monday, 06th November, 2017, the promotion of VedriMo social enterprise will be held in Mostar. The newly established social enterprise employs three persons with disabilities. The employees have been trained to work in greenhouse production of vegetables and seedlings. In parallel to this, a specialized digital printing and copying social enterprise entitled SCRIPT is starting up in Berane, Montenegro.  It also employs three persons with disabilities.

Social enterprises “VedriMo” and “SCRIPT” have resulted from the project “OPTION” (Overcoming the Prejudice and Promoting New Tools for Professional Integration of People with Special Needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro).

The establishment of the companies was preceded by educational program aimed at the professional integration of persons with disabilities. Research  on legal and policy frameworks, as well as market research were carried out. The researches are compiled in two publications: Promoting a Better Eco-System for Social Enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, and Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in BiH and Montenegro.

The project is funded by the European Union through the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro (2007-13). The project is implemented by the Association “Vedri osmijeh” and the Caritas Barske nadbiskupije in cooperation with Caritas BiH, the Archdiocesan pastoral youth center „John Paul II“ and the Association of paraplegics Bar from Montenegro. Initiated in July 2015, O.P.T.I.O.N. is being implemented for 28 months in BiH and for 30 months in Montenegro. The total value of the action is 136,970.70 EUR, of which the EU finances 99,000.00 EUR, while co-financing has been provided by Caritas Italiana.